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29th Pacific Insurance Conference
Challenge Everything: Asia’s Journey to Success
November 17 – 20 2019
Hong Kong

The Pacific Insurance Conference (PIC) is the forum for senior life insurance, wealth management, reinsurance, and retirement savings executives from throughout the Pacific Rim and around the world. The Conference is a mix of plenary and workshop sessions combined with networking social events. More than 300 CEOs and senior executives from some of the largest financial services organizations attend the PIC. 

The theme of the 29th PIC is Challenge Everything: Asia’s Journey to Success. Content for all the sessions is centered around that theme, and takes a deep dive into successes, failures, and what the future holds for the industry. This is an event that executives will not want to miss.

Who Should Attend:
  • CEOs
  • Senior Executives
  • Regulators
  • Educators
  • Senior Consultants

Conference Highlights:
  • Plenary sessions featuring top executives
  • Interactive workshops
  • Networking events
  • Gala Dinner, including presentation of PIC Lifetime Achievement Award

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Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Experience 5-star luxury at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. Ideally situated in the “heart of the city”, Hong Kong Island’s Wanchai district, Grand Hyatt hotel offers stunning views of the famous Victoria Harbour and is only 5 minutes by car from Central and Causeway Bay.

Hong Kong

Situated on the southeast coast of China, Hong Kong’s strategic location on the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea has made it one of the world’s most thriving and cosmopolitan cities. 

Hong Kong as we know it today was born when China’s Qing dynasty government was defeated in the First Opium War in 1842, when it ceded Hong Kong Island to Britain. Within 60 years, Kowloon, the New Territories and 235 Outlying Islands were also leased to Britain. However, the history of the more than 1100 square kilometres that Hong Kong now occupies predates the events of the Qing dynasty by more than a thousand years. And, as you explore the city’s colourful heritage, you’ll discover stories of powerful clans, marauding pirates and European traders. 

From its earliest days as a British colony, Hong Kong served as a centre of international trade. In the turbulent years of the early 20th century, the city’s population was bolstered by refugees, mostly from China. The arrival of immigrants in large numbers helped launch a new role for Hong Kong as a major manufacturing hub. It also brought economically stimulating energy and industry to the city’s character. In recent decades, as the economy of Mainland China has undergone a process of opening up, Hong Kong has transformed yet again – this time into a service-based economy as well as an important gateway to the world’s largest market. 

A look at the city’s history could give a strong impression that change is the only constant here. However, despite all its reinventions, Hong Kong’s spirit has never changed. In fact, the same energy and dynamism that turned a group of sleepy fishing villages into a crossroads of international trade is now taking Asia’s world city into the 21st century. Experience that spirit and Hong Kong’s story yourself by exploring the city’s rich culture and heritage.

Passport & Visa Information

Visitors to Hong Kong must hold a valid passport or travel document with a minimum validity of six months. Delegates are advised to check visa requirements with the Hong Kong Immigration Department or visit the website at 
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